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10 Tips For A Great Lawn

Here are ten tips from the lawn care pros at Acres of Green. Enjoy!

#1 Love Your Soil

There are critters in there that help keep your lawn healthy. Using too much chemical fertilizer or herbicides can kill those critters. That’s no good. Mother nature intended for the worms and other beneficial insects to eat, drink, breathe and poop in that soil to keep it healthy. If you find yourself having to use a ton of chemicals to keep your grass looking good, you may have killed all the good stuff. You can get it back though. Call a lawn care professional for help.

#2 Choose The Right Grass

There are a lot of choices when it comes to grass. Some varieties love shade. Some love full sun. Some are tough and stand up to a summer of flag football. Others are delicate and will look great if left alone but won’t tolerate a lot of traffic. If you aren’t sure what kind of grass is best for your yard, give us a call. We can help.

#3 Keep the Clover

Before you say that we must have lost our minds, please continue reading. Clover wasn’t considered a weed until well into the 20th century. Clover actually helps fertilize your lawn because it stores nitrogen in its roots. It helps crowd out other, more obnoxious plants that may pop up, and it is super resistant to nasty lawn-loving insects and diseases. It it bright green and beautiful. So, why not let it be part of your lawn?

#4 Get To Know Your Weeds

If you deal with weeds early on in the season, and understand how they thrive, you can control them without going crazy. Of course, the best thing to do is to call us and just let us take care of it for you. If you are a DIY kind of person, remember to weed early in the spring and whatever you do, get those dandelions out of there before they go to seed. If you don’t, you might want to just choose to become a fan of their bright yellow flowers and call it a day.


#5 Watch The Cut

Don’t cut your grass too short! It won’t be able to crowd out weeds, and it’ll have to work way too hard to keep growing. Ask for help if you aren’t sure what height is right for your particular variety of grass.

#6 Know Before You Fertilize

If you aren’t sure what kind of soil you have, find out before you fertilize. You want to add what your lawn needs and not what your weeds need! Are you having a struggle with dandelions? Make sure your fertilizer isn’t feeding them the magnesium they love.

#7 Check The Time

Fertilize at the right time. Water at the right time. Mulch at the right time. Spring, summer and fall, you’ll want to be on top of things. What you do now impacts the results you see next season.

#8 Tune It Up

If you’ve got bare patches, areas that just don’t seem to be doing well, or spots where the weeds are pushing out the grass, go ahead and re-seed, water and fertilize. Every lawn needs touch ups now and again.

#9 Try A New Approach

When all else fails you can always try something completely new. If you’ve had it with chemical fertilizers and herbicides, there’s a whole new approach to lawn care that is becoming popular, which can include ordering beneficial bugs and other critters in the mail and letting them do their thing in your garden.

#10 Seek Help From The Pros

Even if you’ve got the most beautiful lawn on the block, it can always be better. Give us a call today if you’d like to have that lawn but not all of the work. We’re your local lawn care, gardening, and landscape design pros.