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Design A Winter Wonderland With Your Landscape Company

Many people often wonder, “what does a landscape designer do in the winter?” The notion that it’s their off season, so they pack up their bags and take a tropical holiday for three months, is a nice thought. While many landscape companies would rather be in Mexico sipping margaritas, they still have plenty of work in the winter. Many lawn care companies offer snow removal as a service, hanging holiday lights, and designing winterscapes for customers.

If you’re planning on entertaining at all this year, designing a winter wonderland with your landscape company is a fun way to continue garden design through the holiday season!


A winter wonderland can be as simple as planting cold-weather shrubs and greenery, or creating an elaborate landscape complete with outdoor lighting and hardscapes. We’ve covered winter landscaping in a previous blog, so today, we’ll focus on forging an outdoor holiday space.


Here in Massachusetts, winter can hit pretty hard, but we also have some nice, temperate days in between. Construct your outdoor holiday bliss area on a nice, clear, and sunny day. Nothing is more comforting and nostalgic than a roaring fire, so why not build a fire pit outside? If you’re on a sprawling, east coast property, implementing a fire pit into your land can serve as an entertaining area all year long!

With the help of your landscape designer, section off a part of your property, somewhat close to your backdoor, and begin to create a cozy parcel. There are many variations you could design, so keep in mind what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. Here are a couple of ideas:

A tucked away space – if you’re wanting to create a more intimate feel, design a three-part flagstone wall. Build the wall two to four feet in height, and if you’re really committed, blend the wall into the existing landscaping. Adding tall, ornamental grasses behind the wall will add additional privacy. Once the wall is complete, add “carpet” to the area with pea gravel. Finally, add a fire pit, chairs, and stacked firewood. For entertaining, add a hot cocoa or hot dog roasting area.

Out in the open – If you’re looking to entertain outside, but don’t want to construct a whole new yard design, simply create an area of your back deck or patio area. You won’t be able to have a grand fire pit, but you can find enclosed, metal firepits from your local home and garden store that are very nice. Add an outdoor area rug, and your space will be comfy and cozy, with the beautiful winter scenery surrounding you and your guests.


Everything is a little more beautiful in the holiday season with white, twinkle lights. Fashion these lights in your fireside escape, in trees and shrubs, and covering trellises and other hardscapes. By adding beautiful lights to your outdoor area, you’ll attract your fair share of neighborhood carolers!

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