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How Landscape Design Helps You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution!

Self-improvement — in any capacity — is likely the reason you made your New Year’s resolution. Perhaps you’re focusing on eating healthier, reducing your stress levels, or dropping some weight. These resolutions are often mighty and the goals are set high, but unfortunately, only eight percent of people stick with their resolution through February. You’re probably wondering where we’re going with this, after all, we’re a landscaping company — but stick with us.

If you want to be more active and lose weight, investing in landscape design or landscape architecture with us, will help you achieve this New Year’s resolution. Want to know how?



If you’re in your infancy in the gardening world, landscape design gives you a blueprint in arranging or adjusting the outdoor elements (plants and trees, etc) on your property. Landscape design be for aesthetic reasons or for practical ones, such as reducing your yard’s water usage.

A landscape design is perfect for the beginner or the expert that wants to hone their knowledge and skills in the area of landscaping. At Acres Of Green, we specialize in landscape design that caters to the unique Massachusetts climate. We’ll work with you to create a space implementing both hardscape (wood, concrete, stone, and metal materials and structures) and softscape (horticulture) elements that you’ll love.

Landscape design is much like building a house, only you’re constructing it through plant and trees. Think of us as your contractors and architects; we’ll meet with you and go over how to bring balance, proportion, unity, and transition into your property.

Once the blueprint is complete and to your standards, it’s up to you to physically make the landscape design a reality — and this is where it will help you accomplish your New Year’s resolution!



You’ve likely heard the phrase “sweat equity, ” and this concept is exactly what will help you in your weight loss journey! Landscapers are fit for a reason — moving dirt, rocks, mulch and other hardscapes takes an immense amount of energy! So, buckle up, bring your landscape design blueprint, and get ready to lose weight while landscaping!

Landscaping is physically taxing, so spending time outdoors working on your landscaping burns roughly 175 calories per hour! If you’re coupling that with additional activity and exercise and healthy eating, you are setting yourself up for New Year’s success! Broken down into specific activity, here’s a better idea of basic landscaping calorie torching!

  • Shoveling heavy, wet, snow (Massachusetts residents) – 364 calories
  • Shoveling snow – 243 calories
  • Mowing the lawn (push mower) – 243 calories
  • Chopping wood – 243 calories
  • General gardening – 202 calories
  • Laying sod – 202 calories
  • Tilling, digging, and spading – 202 calories
  • Weeding – 182 calories
  • Planting trees – 182 calories
  • Planting seeds – 162 caloriesAs you can see there are many activities that will burn calories quickly, all while being outdoors and doing something you enjoy!


If you’re ready to start planning a landscape design, we’re here to accomplish that goal, and as a result, see you crush your New Year’s resolution of losing weight!

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