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Three Tips To Follow When Choosing The Best Lawn Care Company

Alright Walpole, we did it, we survived the winter — and hopefully, your lawn did too! We’re seeing an upward trend in temperatures as we’re rolling through spring and preparing for summer. If your lawn and landscaping are looking a little lackluster, there is still time to beautify it and hire lawn care services in Walpole.

If you’re in need of local lawn care services to kick your summer off right, Acres of Green provides full-service landscaping and lawn care maintenance. Follow along with today’s post and find out the best tips when choosing a lawn care company.


How To Choose The Best Lawn Care Company

In the Walpole area, lawn care companies pop just as frequently as your corner coffee joints, so finding a gem that provides quality services with proper landscaping skills to boot, are difficult to weed through! How do you tell the amateurs from the professionals, and then finally commit to one? If you know what you’re looking for in lawn care and landscaping but don’t know how to look for it or what questions to ask, listen up and read below!



Tip 1: There are things you don’t skimp on, and one of those is lawn care!

When you’re shopping at the grocery store and go for generic cereal or the store’s brand of coconut oil, you’re not compromising on quality and you’re saving money in the process — in this situation, bargaining works, but it doesn’t work in landscaping. While a company may be more pricey, it may be worth it. Review the services they provide and look for one that offers them alone or combined in a package.

Tip 2: Do a little lawn care recon!

It never hurts to peruse the website of the company in question, and yes, they should have a website and their office should not only be on wheels! Find out who they are and read reviews from their customers to help get a sense of what’s being said. A lawn care and landscaping company should also have some educational background in agronomy or turf, and landscape design. It never hurts to ask questions, so give them a call!

Tip 3: Do they offer the services you’re looking for?

The differences in lawn care companies can vary quite drastically, some may only do lawns while others are all-encompassing. Ask about their services and consider what you need. Some lawn crews are considered to be “mow and go” where they’ll come in and mow, do some pest control, and leave. Others just do herbicides and pesticides, while some provide more niche lawn care services such as organic lawn care that incorporates eco-friendly practices.

Lawn maintenance and landscaping services are an investment, so it’s imperative you find a competent company with your best interest at hand. When looking for the best company, paying a little extra may be worth it, investigating the company and asking questions never hurts, and knowing what services and packages they provide will help you determine if they’re a good fit.