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Winter Is Coming

Oftentimes when a landscape company is designing for properties, the only seasons being accounted for are spring and summer. It’s simple to focus on the warm, abundant seasons, but not creating a design that incorporates winter as well, is, frosty. A winter maintenance design plan is crucial for saving time and money in the colder months, and you also take advantage of beautiful landscaping all year round.


Snow Management

If you live on a majestical winter property that receives a wealth of wintry weather, snow maintenance is important. It’s good to think in terms of snow plows: do they have enough access to your driveway, room for the electrical gate and landscaping? If theses things are ignored, it means a higher cost for you. To help mitigate snow management expenses, follow these guidelines:

  • Skip the uneven (but beautiful) walkways – Cobblestone and flagstone are indeed beautiful, but can be costly to your property. Unevenly laid walkways can be a tripping hazard and can catch edges of snow shovels. If the edges are caught, it can destabilize the stone, creating repairs in the months to come.
  • Wide driveways and walkways are ideal – If you plan to hire a company for snow maintenance, ideally wide driveways and walkways are preferred, as the companies require room for maneuvering your yard.
  • Designated snow space – When preparing a landscape design, leave a place to put the snow. Consider bringing landscaping back 20 to 30 feet from the driveway, to allow a place for the snow and a safe place for your plants.
  • Make landscaping visible – If you plan on placing landscaping near the driveway or walkways, avoid petite plants. When everything is blanketed in snow, it’s difficult for companies to see plants, especially small ones.
  • Strategic lighting – Lighting is beneficial on walkways or lining the driveway, but again, if it’s too close to either, they may get damaged or broken. It also may take more time for the company to maneuver around them, and more of their time is more of your money.
  • Take care of your outdoor decorations – If you decide to leave yard decorations and furniture out year round, take special care and cover the patio furniture. If plan on having a fire pit, be sure to design drainage in it. If water sits in and freezes, it will expand and potentially break the structure or materials used.

Having Winter In Mind

There are materials to consider for the winter months that account for extreme temperatures.

  • Using wood outdoors – If you’re interested in constructing a pergola or deck for year round use, avoid pressure-treated wood like cedar and redwood because they absorb water and create extremely slippery surfaces in the winter conditions.
  • Using stone outdoors – If you have marble or other slippery stones outdoors, consider a sealant with grit to stabilize the surface for people when it’s wet and snowy.
  • Using pavers – Consider using pavers outdoors, as they melt pretty quickly and have a good, grippy surface.

Ready To Winterize?

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