Here on the East Coast, we definitely see winter weather! We have a  mix of snow and ice with everything nice. People tend to believe spring and summer are the only times to be outdoors beautifying the yard, but that is absolute nonsense! Put on your “garden designer” hat year round, and turn your yard into a winter wonderland that everyone will fall in love with, after all, tis’ the season!  

Yuletide Blooms

Blooms in this season is are extraordinary because as most plants are tucking themselves in, there are a few ready to take front and center stage!

Lenten Rose

This uncommon, flowering perennial blooms boldly in January and continues through March, slowly fading as others wake up! Their colors vary from magenta, a deep onyx, to cherry red and amber. Let these beauties grow wild, or use them as cutting flowers for exquisite table settings. The Lenten rose will surely pop in any wintry background.  


These beautiful blooms are perfect in the winter garden, as they reign from the Himalayas. This evergreen plant offers bold blooms in soft and wild pinks and red!

Yuletide Shrubs


Dogwood draws eyes to itself as its leaves shed and expose bright red, yellow, or orange stems. This colored twig displays beautifully against other shrubs and ornamental grasses.


Many times Conifer is shrugged off as “just another winter evergreen,” but there are contrasting varieties that resemble a golden color towards the tips.

Japanese Plum Cedar

If your yard is craving a different color from traditional reds and greens, plant a Japanese Plum Cedar. This tree is a rooted and profound purple-bronze hue. There are two varieties, a dwarf version that is two to three inches tall, or larger size that tops out at 25 inches tall.

Add Warmth

Yes, winter is cold and most don’t want to spend too much time outdoors, but create a fireside haven for the mild nights. Snuggle up tightly in your Pendleton blanket and star gaze with your best Merlot; s’mores are also optional!

Envelope your yard in bold color

Winter can bring pale, graying colors, so invite bold colors in! Fashion bright red planters, or any bold color that fits with the theme of your outdoor space. Invest in a colorful heated birdbath, or hang unique ornaments from shrubs and trees.

Light up the night

Of course we have to mention lights; it wouldn’t be winter without those tiny, sparkly lights. Get creative with your lighting this year. Frame a path to your home with luminarias or light just the tops of smaller trees and shrubs.

Cozy up your courtyard

Create an inviting and snug backyard patio and grill all year long! Adding brightly colored furniture or cushions will liven up the space, and incorporate outdoor propane lamps for warmth. Make the space extra snuggly with blankets!

Acres of Green

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