What makes a garden pop are the beautiful and luscious botanics that only the tropics can grow, and yet — against all advice — people still try to grow Birds of Paradise or Passion Flower in dry, arid climates! So why grow plants native to Walpole?

At Acres of Green, we’re well acquainted with the plants native to our area and have been providing emerald green lawns and beautiful landscaping for more than 20 years. Native plants are important to implement in your garden design, so join us in today’s post about why native plants matter.

Native Plants, What Are They?

When you’re planning your landscape you usually go for what is aesthetically pleasing, and think less about if the plants are unique to your area or not. Native plants are those plants that are from the region, so they are hardy and well-suited for the growing conditions. Native plants evolved in that space, and were growing long before people which makes them adaptable to the climate and conditions of the ecosystem.

There are a few differences when it comes to native plants — plants can be native to North America, but not all states, and they can evolve in a very specific area, like the Grand Canyon or national parks. To go even further into the native plant exploration, a species can be native to certain states such as Massachusetts and Maine, yet have a tree that is adapted to one climate and not the other, so it’s important also to know where exactly the plant was grown.  

In today’s landscaping industry, plants are bred to have the best qualities while staying drought-, disease-, and pest-resistant.

Why Choose Plants Native to Walpole?

One of the best benefits of planting native species is, since they’re acclimated to the climate, they’re very low-maintenance and use fewer resources — a naturally eco-friendly approach to gardening!

Plants native to the area require less fertilization, pest-control, and winterization, so if you like low-maintenance gardening, native plants can help! They are also non-invasive and are true gems with other plants in the garden — they’ll share space and play nicely!

Native plants also attract native wildlife in a symbiotic relationship providing shelter, food, and nesting materials.

Another feature that is often overlooked, is native plants and botanics are quite beautiful, we just have to know about them. Often times we go to a home improvement store and look at the ones we like and they’re likely not native at all. When you work with local landscape gardeners, they know the native species and give you more of a broad assortment of what is available.

Growing Native Plants

The more specific and local you can get with your plants, the more likely you’ll have a successful garden. Look for a local nursery that grows plants native to Walpole or a seed bank that offers region-specific pants. As with anything, talk with those that know about native plants and work with them to establish a few plants in your landscaping, and build on it year to year.

For a beautiful garden that is effortless, choose native plants.

To learn more about native plants and for our landscaping services, schedule with us today!