Even with the humidity in the East Coast, the rising temperatures can quickly dry out a once beautiful, pristine green lawn! When the temperatures climb toward double digits it most likely means your lawn will require additional watering, so it’s important to know when the optimal times are and what measures to take so your grass doesn’t die.

Lawn care can be considered an art — it takes care and great attention to detail to get and achieve a beautiful lawn that lasts all summer long. At Acres Of Green, we’re different than other lawn care companies in that we provide the most basic lawn care services from mowing and edging, to landscape design — we’re here to lend a hand in all your yard projects. Today we’ll cover watering tips to keep and maintain an enchanting emerald lawn.

Tip 1: Water in the morning.

Watering in the morning sets your lawn up for the greatest success because the morning air is cool and the water doesn’t evaporate into the air, yet it will become increasingly warmer so the soil and roots won’t grow fungus. The problem with watering at night, is yes the temperature is cooler, but it sits in the dark and is more susceptible to lawn diseases. The best morning times are between 4 am and 10 am, so setting a timer is ideal.

Watering in the heat of the day is one of the worst things you can do because you lose a lot of the water to evaporation due to the heat, so your grass isn’t getting it and your energy bill will likely increase.

Tip 2: Water long enough

Some homeowners are afraid to water too long, but it’s important to saturate the soil, at least six inches into the ground, which is what most grass root systems are at. The length of time will vary because every soil system is different, but start with 15 minutes and assess where you’re at — you can do this with a shovel to lift the sod or feel with your hands.

Tip 3: Use pulsating sprinklers.

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, although they’re a large upfront cost, over time they will pay themselves off! If you must use sprinklers, use the pulsating ones. With these, they shoot out water horizontally and reduce the chance of evaporation when compared to oscillating ones that shoot straight into the air.

Tip 4: Check your sprinkler heads frequently.

Sprinkler heads are notorious for shifting and changing directions — this can result from a lawnmower or someone simply tripping over it. Ensure they’re pointing toward your lawn and not in the street or your neighbor’s yard!

To recap:

  • Tip 1: Water in the morning.
  • Tip 2: Water long enough
  • Tip 3: Use pulsating sprinklers.
  • Tip 4: Check your sprinkler heads frequently.

When you do your part as a homeowner and water your lawn properly, it makes our job easier to give you a lovely lawn all summer long!

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