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How Landscaping Supports Your Health

In our last blog, we touched on how landscaping helps you accomplish your New Year’s resolution goal in fitness. Did you also know that through landscaping — gardening specifically — you can support your nutritional health and the environment at the same time? You can, and at Acres of Green we can make it look beautiful through our landscaping services and our garden services!



Creating an edible garden greatly impacts your health and wellness; not only are you outside in the sunshine soaking up vitamin D while being physically active, you’re also growing your food, which supports your nutritional health.

In our current state, the US obesity rates have continued to steadily climb every year since 1990. Five states have an obesity rate of 35 percent or more people whose body mass index is greater than 30. The other 45 states do not fare much better — with only two states being under 25 percent of obese adults in their populations.

So, more than ever we need people taking advantage of landscaping and garden services and putting in the work to grow their own food.



The best benefit of edible gardening is you have healthy and nutritious food right out your back door, but there are so many perks of gardening!

  • Denser nutrients – Research has indicated that conventional growing methods and farming continues to leach vitamins and minerals from the soil, impacting the overall crop nutrient density. When you grow your own food, you have the ability to nurture and establish a rich soil that produces food higher in nutrients, and the food tastes better!
  • Save money on the grocery bill – In Massachusetts, you can almost grow a garden year round, but certainly well into November for crops like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, peas, spinach, and garlic. If you’re really wanting to make the leap of growing food, you can easily turn your garden into a greenhouse in the winter months! When you put in the sweat equity of tending to a garden, it will save you money on your grocery bill. The savings will vary, but on average you can save up to $1,000 to $2,000 per season! Talk with Acres Of Green about their garden services!
  • Add dimension to your landscape design – The thing about vegetables and fruits is that they’re so diverse in color. This color, along with their flowering fruits, will add a pop of color and dimension to your yard. Better yet, let the ripening of raspberries in the summer sun or taste the coolness in a cucumber take you to a new dimension!
  • Repurpose your water – Instead of of letting your water be used to green up your lawn, use it to water and grow food! This way you don’t feel like you’re aimlessly wasting water, and you’re actually reaping food from it!


At Acres Of Green, we can help you in every stage of planning your garden — from landscape design to sprucing it up with our garden services.

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