1. Landscaping with Plants Native to Massachusetts

    In addition to being beautiful, landscaping with native plants has a lot of other benefits for you and the environment. Your landscaping choices can impact the birds, insects and wildlife native to the Walpole area. They are all interdependent, and when one part of the ecosystem is out of balance, t…Read More

  2. 10 Tips For A Great Lawn

    Here are ten tips from the lawn care pros at Acres of Green. Enjoy! #1 Love Your Soil There are critters in there that help keep your lawn healthy. Using too much chemical fertilizer or herbicides can kill those critters. That’s no good. Mother nature intended for the worms and other beneficial in…Read More

  3. Landscaping For Nature Lovers

    At Acres of Green Landscaping, we love helping our clients design and build landscapes that beautify their home and provide unique benefits. One of our favorite things to do is to create beautiful landscapes for nature lovers. Gardens for Bird Lovers Did you know that Massachusetts is home to more t…Read More